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Get to Know Me & My Approach




Kelly Kirby M.S.Ed., CCC-SLP

Practice Owner

Speech Language Pathologist

Apraxia Specialist

Kelly pursued her dream of opening a speech therapy practice which seeks to provide the highest quality of service to her clients and their families. 


Early in her career, Kelly noticed a trend in the field of speech therapy: the scope of practice is so broad, it can be difficult for parents to find a therapist for their child with enough training and expertise to help support a complex communication need such as childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) or gestalt language processing (GLP). 


At Resolute Therapy Collaborative, you can rest assured Kelly has done countless hours of trainings to feel confident in helping your child with their communication needs. 

Learn more about Kelly's expertise and experience here.


At Resolute Therapy Collaborative, we understand that children learn best through PLAY!


We place relationship building between the clients and their families first and foremost. During therapy sessions, parents should expect that we will mask our hard work in fun, functional, and playful scenarios to make the best progress!

Kelly is a neurodiversity affirming therapist, making her an ideal therapist for autistic children and those who are neurodiverse. 

Click below to learn more about what it means to be a neurodiversity affirming therapist, play based therapy, and child-led sessions!

Child playing with bubbles in speech therapy
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