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Speech-Language Therapy

Apraxia Specialist



Neurodiversity Affirming

Gestalt Language Processing 

Sensory  & AAC Trained SLP

Hampton Roads, VA

In home therapy-we travel to you!

RTC is a firm believer in child-led, neurodiversity affirming therapy sessions. RTC understands that children learn best through PLAY! RTC therapists place relationship building between the clients and their families first and foremost. During therapy sessions, parents should expect that we will mask our hard work in fun, functional, and playful scenarios to make the best progress!

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"Kelly is passionate, caring and diligent in her work as a speech pathologist along with being well educated in the area of childhood apraxia of speech. She worked with our son for a year and a half and diagnosed his CAS when he was 2.5. She was able to give us, as parents, an education on CAS and tools to continue his success at home. She went above and beyond to give us research based material involving the success of using an AAC device and continued parent training throughout his entire time with her. The progress he made with her was incredible and he always had a smile when he got to see her." 

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