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Kelly Kirby


Speech-language Pathologist

Apraxia Specialist

Kelly specializes in the differential diagnosis of speech sound disorders. Additionally, Kelly has post graduate training in gestalt language processing.


We partner with families to  provide a highly-effective, individualized therapeutic experience. At Resolute Therapy Collaborative, we  are a firm believer in child-led, neurodiversity affirming therapy sessions. We understand that children learn best through PLAY! We place relationship building between the clients and their families first and foremost. During therapy sessions, parents should expect that we will mask our hard work in fun, functional, and playful scenarios to make the best progress!



When a delay or disorder is suspected, an assessment gathers baseline information to compare your child's present levels to expected norms.


Your child's individual needs guide speech therapy intervention. Recommended frequency and intensity are based on the results of the evaluation. 


Parents Recommend


"Kelly is passionate, caring and diligent in her work as a speech pathologist along with being well educated in the area of childhood apraxia of speech. She worked with our son for a year and a half and diagnosed his CAS when he was 2.5. She was able to give us, as parents, an education on CAS and tools to continue his success at home. She went above and beyond to give us research based material involving the success of using an AAC device and continued parent training throughout his entire time with her. The progress he made with her was incredible and he always had a smile when he got to see her." 


Kelly worked with our daughter for 2 years. The progress we saw during this time was phenomenal! Our daughter came to Kelly at the age of 5.5, and through Kelly’s diligent efforts has grown tremendously in her speech intelligibility. Kelly also gave our daughter the tools and ability to hear when she makes speech errors! We cannot recommend Kelly enough for any parent looking for someone knowledgeable and understanding of childhood apraxia of speech, and/or speech sound disorders. Kelly is a fantastic speech-language pathologist who is able to connect with her clients and their families with her encouragement, enthusiasm, and experience!

We provide your family with the best care

The field of speech-language pathology is very broad! By scheduling with a specialist, you can be assured your child is getting the best care. We match your child to a therapist with additional training in your child's area of need. 

Now providing in home therapy services!

Resolute Therapy Collaborative is a traveling therapy clinic, we come straight to you! Servicing Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk. Travel fees apply.


Don't live in those areas? No problem! Reach out to us learn about our other options!

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