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Specializing in Speech Sound
Disorders and Autism

From 18 months to 10 years old

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We are a speech therapy practice that is small on purpose. At Resolute Therapy Collaborative, you get the personal attention you need and deserve and truly know you’re our number one. Learn more about our practice and what makes us different here.

Speech Sound Disorders

Reducing frustration by helping your child speak more clearly and confidently.
We specialize in articulation disorders, phonological disorders, and Childhood Apraxia of Speech.


Supporting the development of spontaneous language.
We are trained in Gestalt Language Processing, Sensory Integration, and AAC.



Kelly Kirby M.S.Ed., CCC-SLP
Speech Therapist
Apraxia Specialist

Owner of Resolute Therapy Collaborative

In Virginia Beach, there are many speech therapy practices, but Kelly wanted to open a practice that was different

Kelly created a speech therapy practice that is small on purpose in order to provide highly effective services for clients.

Gone are the days of phone trees and speech therapist turnover. At Resolute Therapy Collaborative, you'll talk to Kelly when you call and rest assured to feel like our number one.


Parents Recommend


Kelly is passionate, caring and diligent in her work as a speech pathologist along with being well educated in the area of childhood apraxia of speech. The progress he made with her was incredible and he always had a smile when he got to see her.


The progress we saw during our time working with Kelly was phenomenal! We cannot recommend Kelly enough for any parent looking for someone knowledgeable and understanding of childhood apraxia of speech, and/or speech sound disorders. 


Kelly is the most amazing speech therapist. Kelly is able to get my son to try so many things. She has the perfect balance of gently pushing him to try things he doesn't think he can do without pushing him too far. She can turn any activity into a fun and useful therapy session.

Are you ready to get started?

Our services are provided in our family friendly speech therapy office located near Town Center area in Virginia Beach!

Step 1

Schedule a Consultation

Visit the link below to book a free phone consultation. We will discuss your concerns, determine if our speech therapy services are right for you, and review the intake process. 

Step 2

Request a Referral 

If you plan to use insurance, we will need a referral for speech therapy from your child's doctor. Please have your doctor fax the referral to us at


Step 3

Complete the Intake Form

After our consultation, you will receive a link to a secure portal. Here, you can complete a series of questions and submit necessary documentation. 

After that, you're all set to get scheduled!

Join me in my speech therapy office, conveniently located in Town Center of Virginia Beach, VA.

Billing & Insurance

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield



United Healthcare

Courtesy claim submission is available for plans not listed

Private pay options available

VDOE Learning Grant Accepted

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