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Frequently Asked Questions

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We understand speech therapy may be a new experience for families, so here are answers to commonly asked questions. 

Where do you provide services?

In your home! We travel to you making therapy convenient and effective because it takes place in the child's natural environment. 

Why do you charge a
travel fee?

Travel expenses add up. In order to be able to provide the service of in home therapy, it is essential that mileage and time spent traveling is accounted for through a travel fee. Travel fees are based upon mileage from Resolute Therapy Collaborative's office location. Travel fees will be calculated when the client's address is provided. 

Will my insurance
reimburse the travel fee?

No, your insurance will not reimburse for a travel fee because this is not a medical expense. 

Do you accept insurance?

 We are in network with Anthem and are a certified out of network provider with Tricare. If you have a different insurance, you would be charged a private pay rate. We accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards.  If requested, we can provide a "Super Bill" for you to submit to your insurance company as an out of network provider. If you are interested in joining the waitlist for when we accept more insurance companies, please reach out.

Will my insurance cover
these services?

Coverage depends on your chosen insurance plan. No two plans are the same, even when issued by the same insurance company. Many commercial/ private insurance carriers exclude developmental diagnoses (i.e. articulation disorder, developmental delay, etc). Plans often cover services due to an accident or injury (i.e. stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc.).

When insurance does not cover services needed or is not involved, we can offer a prompt pay discounted rate for evaluation and/or therapy.

Medicaid plans cover evaluation and treatment based on medical necessity.

What is needed before the evaluation?


You will receive a link for access to your patient portal in simple practice. All forms must be filled out, signed, and submitted at least 48 hours before your scheduled evaluation. If forms are not completed and signed, we will kindly require you to reschedule your evaluation.

How long is your waiting

There is currently no wait for evaluations, though there is a wait for therapy. Unfortunately, the length of time families remain on the waiting list depends on current clients and the waiting client’s flexibility. The more flexible your schedule, the easier scheduling will be once an appointment becomes available. Families have been on our waiting list as short as 1 month and others much longer.

We also direct families on accessing public resources based on their child’s present levels. 

What does speech therapy look like?

Speech therapy is fun and engaging for the child. Check our our videos tab to see examples of sessions!

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